Common heat exchange and heat calculation formula
Common heat exchange and heat calculation formula

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Heat units commonly used : kW (KW) (Kcal), calories, kJ (KJ), tons of cold
(cold tons divided into American ton and Japan ton, commonly used American ton)

The calculation formula of heat:
Common concepts: 1KG water increased by 1 ℃ heat and required for 1Kcal
Q: Said the endothermic or exothermic (KJ)
C: Said material specific heat (KJ/kg. C)
M: Said the quality of the material (KG)
△t:Indicate changes in temperature (c)
For example: how much heat need the number of 1 tons of water for one hour rise to 10 ℃?
Q =Cm △ t=4.2KJ/kg. ℃ *1000kg*10 ℃ =42000KJ=11.6KW
We can also be based on the above concepts to calculate: 1KG water increased by 1 ℃ heat the required for 1Kcal
Q =M* △ t=1000*10=10000Kcal=11.6KW

This formula is only suitable for water,  it is not suitable for i other materials ,this formula is very fit like the industrial cooling water machine,it often deal with heat and water.
There is also a calculation formula of heat in the cold water machine industry (i.e. cold water machine rotary type)

Refrigerating capacity (KW) = chilled water flow (L/S) *4.187 (KJ/kg. ℃) *
*(temperature coefficient for refrigeration effect water cooling, air cooling of the difference, if choose air-cooled chiller, coefficient of 1.3, if the water cooling machine, the effect will be better coefficient is 1.1)
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